Bendigo Show Competitions

Competitions & Prize Schedule

Print copies of the Bendigo Agricultural Show 2017 Prize Schedule are available from the following locations:

  • Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Administration Office at the Showgrounds.
  • Saddlery & Stock Feed Stores
  • Bendigo Cake Decorators
  • Stitch n Style Sewing Centre
  • Spotlight Bendigo
  • Some Art & Craft Stores & Nurseries around Bendigo.
Bendigo Show Competitions

General Information

BASS Office Bearers
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Public Gate Admission
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Map of Showgrounds
Notice to Exhibitors
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By Law Regulations

Senior Homecrafts

A Cooking (including Decorated Cakes)
Jams & Preserves
C Needlework
D Knitting
E Crafts & Hobbies
G Art
H Photography
Flowers & Floral Art
Entry Form
Participant Risk Acknowledgment & Waiver

Junior Homecrafts & Schools Section

AA Junior Cooking
CC Junior Textiles
DD Junior Knitting
EE Junior Crafts & Hobbies
FF Schools Sections
GG Junior Art
HH Junior Photography
JSG School Garden Competitions
JJ Junior Floral Art
BC Decorated Butterflies or Sheep
SC Scarecrows
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Poultry & Caged Birds

K Poultry
O Caged Birds
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L Cereal, Grasses, Fodder & Grain
M Fleeces
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Participant Risk Acknowledgment & Waiver

General Sections

HD Highland Dancing
WC Wood Chop Competition
U Bute Ute Competition
Entry Form, Participant Risk Acknowledgment & Waiver


N  Alpacas
P  Dairy Goats
Q Miniature Goats
R  Pigs
S  Sheep
T  Cattle
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Horse Section

F1 Led Open Ponies, Junior Rider, Open Ridden Ponies, Galloways, Hacks, & Show Hunter Ponies, Galloways & Hacks
F2 Led Galloways & Ridden, Intermediate & Junior Rider, Show Hunter Hacks, Ponies & Galloways, Open Ponies
F3 Led Hacks, Senior Rider, Ridden Hacks, Ponies & Galloways, Show Hunter Hacks, Galloways & Ponies
F4 Beryl Tait Memorial
SA1 Open Ponies Led & Ridden, Arabian Derivitives, Saddle Galloways & Hacks, Senior Pony Club
SA2 Junior, Intermediate & Senior Rider, Saddle Hacks, Galloways, Show Hunters & Junior Pony Club
SA3 Arabians, Open Breeds Over 14HH, Open Ponies, Show & Working Hunters Child’s Show & Working Hunters
SA4 Australian Pony, Welsh Ponies, Partbred Welsh & Standardbreds
SA4 Clydesdales & Harness
SA5 Buckskin, Palomino, Pinto, Small Horse, Miniature Horse, Miniature/Small Coloured Horse
SA6 Shetland & Miniature Ponies
V  Showjumping
W  Novelties
Entry Form
Participant Risk Acknowledgment & Waiver

Horse Comp

Shearing & Wool Handling

Excitement is building at the Prince of Wales Showgrounds in anticipation of the National & Bendigo Shearing & Wool Handling Championships.

Sports Shear Australia in conjunction with the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society are hosting the championships at the Bendigo Exhibition Centre. There is an action packed 2-day program where Australia’s and New Zealand’s most talented shearers and wool handlers compete to see who can shear and handle the wool quickest and cleanest.

The program commences at 9 am on both days and fierce competition is expected as the competitors compete for over $8000 in prize money.

Visitors can expect excitement and an electric atmosphere as they watch talented men and women compete.

A six stand board will be in operation, kindly donated by Shear Outback.