Bendigo Show Attractions

Attractions & Events

This years show is sure to please all age ranges with so many fun activities from art and craft displays, agricultural competitions, puppet shows, monster trucks and circus through to carnival rides, show bags and much much more.


The circus is one of Australia’s oldest show attractions, and a circus is set to bring magic and excitement to the Bendigo Agricultural Show again this year.

As part of the ticket price to the show, this year’s entry to the big top is free with shows on throughout the days.
Take the whole family and have a good, old time.

U Bute Ute Competition

There will be utes, beaut utes that is, of every shape, size and colour taking part in the U Bute Utes competition at the Bendigo Show, and that’s just the vehicles!

Last year we had record breaking entries but there is plenty of room for more and the organisers hope the competition will continue to grow.

“People love their utes and we want more people to get involved. We would love to see tradies taking part, with their ladders and toolboxes and signage. People aren’t competing for sheep stations but it’s a bit of fun.”

Categories include the $5 entry which covers – • Best B&S • Best Ford • Best Holden • Best 4×4 • Best Trade or Farm Ute • Best Street • Best Classic •Best Chicks • • Best Feral

Or the Best $2 entry which includes – • Best 4 Exhaust • Best 6 Exhaust • Best 8 Exhaust • Best Lights • Best Themed • Best Sound System • Best Sticker Display And the $20 Circle Work

Entries close on the day strictly by 3pm (no 4x4s- road tyres only) $20 entry at the gate includes ute and driver and entry in up to three categories. Contact is Blair Achammer 0450 782 293.


At the Bendigo show, the whoosh and booms of exploding sky rockets are a great symbol to all – the show is on!
Bendigo Fireworks has set a great program of new and spectacular pyrotechnics, in the main arena on Friday and Saturday night at 9pm.
Providing the spectacular fireworks show for the past 12 years, organisers say, “We have all kept our passion and wonder for the humble sparklers, inspired from the bonfire nights of our childhood, and still stand in awe at the first boom of the first rocket.”
It’s a great show and the kids never come away disappointed. It’s well worth waiting until that magic 9pm.
You can enjoy all the new fireworks displays before heading home with the kids to tuck them into bed.
So come along and join all the firework-loving lookers and witness an explosion of new, fascinating features, as Bendigo Fireworks sends the best to the sky.

Monster Trucks

It’s on for young and old with the Monster Trucks this year. These trucks can and will do mono’s from one end of the arena to the other, and flip ups to even stand on their back wheels! So if you get a thrill watching those big boys jump over a row of cars, or another big truck, buckle up and be prepared to get a blast watching all the new tricks.

Sam’s latest creation the “Monster Ball” takes the shape of a giant ball. This machine was a challenge Sam set on himself to build a vehicle that could not only drive in any direction but also be able to operate upside down. This machine is certainly one of a kind.

The Monster Trucks will be in action on the main arena at different times throughout the two days of the show.

Carnival Rides

Stand by thrill seekers and get ready for one of the most exciting rides of your life.

The Beast is coming back to town at the Bendigo Show. You can see the amusement ride from a distance, whipping its occupants up into the air and down again like ragdolls.

The ride starts slowing down … and then, it speeds up again. It’s amazing fun.

Most get off the ride, queasy and completely buzzing with adrenaline.

So all those amusement followers this will certainly be the ride of your life.


Take a front row seat at the action-packed woodchop event, where competitors aged between 11 and 70 will be picking up the axe. There are world class chopping acts, including current and past champions, at this year’s Bendigo Show.

It’s a highly competitive part of the program, an event that’s seen a rip-roaring return after many years, where you’ll see axemen vying for the top prize with strength, sweat and precision.

If you are keen to get involved in this sport, ask the organisers at the show, and they’ll help you join the Midland Axemens’ Association, to get you started.